Highly experienced and capable in Shipping inspections, we have assisted many shipowners and operators worldwide to escape the difficult logistics of hiring cranes or erecting staging, even in the most complicated ports, thus providing a suitable, Class approved and accepted alternative to carry out their inspections and Class Surveys.
Our Service is not easily obstructed by port logistics or sea conditions and is therefore the best alternative for each Shipowner of operator who is looking to complete their Vessel survey under a cost efficient and reliable manner.

Our CCTV system provides videoscopic and photographic records where required and connects Class Surveyors to each steel plate we inspect.

Our rope access team gives a new meaning to the scope of the required close-up inspection of your Vessel’s areas and helps you identify the condition of all structural components we survey, in a real close-up, proficient and effective fashion.

Class approved, Fast, Efficient, Capable.

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