Why KLF Skyworks

Why KLF Skyworks

By selecting our services, our clients have access to our specialized and deeply motivated team of Rope Access Engineers.

We operate under the core value of 100% Job completion and prioritize all of our project specifics under this policy. This allows our team, to be able to approach each task in a professional and client satisfaction-oriented manner.

KLF Skyworks is manned by a team of carefully picked and specialized Rope Access Technicians which together with our Management team form one of the most efficient teams in the market. Our Management is IRATA LEVEL III certified and therefore a live part of the work process

What We Do

Being so closely connected to the work we carry out, saves us from being remotely attached to the challenges and the requirements that may arise in each project and lets our whole team take advantage of improved communication and work practices, which in turn greatly aids the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Team is fast to respond, mobilize and set-up works and always aims to work closely with our contractors, sub-contractors and liaisons in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our flexibility and adaptability allow us, the ability to undertake challenges and will extend the boundaries in search of timely and successful project fulfillment.

We focus largely on customer loyalty and deeply connect our growth and development with that of our clients. Effectively this translates, to us approaching each project as our own.

Our Straight Business Policy and practice to refrain from hidden charges, makes KLF Skyworks one of the most suitable, reliable, effective and cost-efficient partners available. In short:

IRATA Level III Headed

Fast to respond

Straight Business Policy

Available 24/7

Motivated team


Cost Efficient partner

Customer loyalty

Job completion to 100% our main and only target

Work Active & Related Management

Quick to mobilize and set-up

We grow & develop mutually with our clients

Specialized team


Able to undertake challenges

Reliable partner

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