Industrial Rope Access

We offer industrial rope access services of the highest standards of safety.

Building - Insulations

Rope access can provide multiple benefits for maintenance and construction.

Stadium Works

Our staff are experienced in Stadium Height work and have assisted contractors in various projects.

Oil platforms

We assist power stations, refineries, wind farms, and utility poles when in need for rope access technicians to maintain and repair at height.


Highly experienced and capable in Shipping inspections, we have assisted many shipowners and operators worldwide.


Who we are, our Team & Training Opportunities


Our Commitment to Safety

Our aim is to ensure accident-free workplaces and embrace the commitment to offer optimum working conditions with regards to safety and health. For this reason, we continuously look beyond the typical assumptions and try to extend the envelope of our reach and focus on safety.


KLF Skyworks has been formed with one specific goal in mind. Offer Rope Access Services. Our mindset is specific and specifically focused to one core value: Top Service carried out under Absolute Safety.

Our Team

Our Rope Access Team is supervised by an active IRATA Level III Supervisor with years of substantial experience in the field of Rope Access and work at height.The remaining members of our team are also equipped with active certification from IRATA.

The training of our personnel is ongoing and never resting in our continuous aim to sharpen our level of service and the capacity of our technicians.


We can provide training to cover the requirements of various aspects of expertise with rope access.

Our breadth covers from the uninitiated (first time workers at height) and extends up to the most experienced technicians who are looking to extend their breadth of ability.

We utilize our own facilities where we can tailor our training to your individual needs and knowledge target.

Our training center helps various professionals from industrial workers, electricians, extending to Seafarers, evolve their knowledge and capability in Rope Access.

Our aim is simple. Connect knowledge with practice and work wise excellence.


Our Certifications


Rope Access Benefits

Rope Access stands out as one of the best solutions for work at height, applicable to many industrial applications such as oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, construction and environmentally sensitive areas.

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