Our Commitment To Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

We strongly promote safety above all, especially when considering working at Height.

Based on this value, we spearhead our operations & working mentality towards a safety oriented practical approach.

Our aim is to ensure accident-free workplaces and embrace the commitment to offer optimum working conditions with regards to safety and health. For this reason, we continuously look beyond the typical assumptions and try to extend the envelope of our reach and focus on safety.

We consider safety a result of increased awareness and demand a high level of safety in our processes, installations and services, giving special attention to protection of employees, contractors, customers and local environment, and we pass on this action principle to our entire organizational structure.

We only use approved safety equipment, which are constantly monitored against their condition and wear & tear status. We ensure that all equipment is also thoroughly inspected prior and after every project.


We make continuing investments of important human and economic resources to adopt the best management practices and the most advanced technologies for people’s safety. This is all done with the aim of overseeing the safety of people and installations in any environment we operate. Safety does not occur by chance but is the result of careful attention to all of the company’s operations, by those who are directly and indirectly involved.

The only way to walk such a safety-oriented path is through commitment. It’s what makes safety practices meaningful rather than mechanical, thus inspiring our Management & employees to contribute personally to workplace safety and to the safety of our working practices & operations.

Our Team is fast to respond, mobilize and set-up works and always aims to work closely with our contractors, sub-contractors and liaisons in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our flexibility and adaptability allow us, the ability to undertake challenges and will extend the boundaries in search of timely and successful project fulfillment.


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